Catholicism wow!: Roman Catholicism and his ‘new deal’

It’s a great chance to visit Paolo Gallinari’s exhibition
‘Catholicism wow!’ in Santa Maria Consolatrice in Rome. A great
chance for art lovers, philosophers, thinkers and also for simple
visitors. A magnificent source of inspiration for everyone who thinks
that art is the new pacific way for seeing the world from another
point of view. In this case, the exhibition also use the context of
Santa Maria Consolatrice to fuel an extraordinary dialogue between the
classic and the contemporary iconography through the juxtaposition of
Gallinari’s works and masterpieces by great artists of the past. Like a
bridge to the Roman Church 2.0, ‘Catholicism wow!’, that reminds the
title to the film ‘Dogma’ by Kevin Smith, leave the visitors
questioning on a new ‘point of view’ on religions, expecially on
dramatic episodes: The last supper and Cruxifiction of Christ.


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