‘Treasure Islands’: Gerlanda Di Francia in Salina

From Rome to Salina, Gerlanda Di Francia and her ‘Grand Tour’. Italian artist, she is somehow today associated with the Italian Surrealist Pop movement, but she is an artis in every single shade. Studying art from childhood onwards, she prefers classic techniques; oil on canvas for painting, and pen for drawing, but also ink for tatoo. ‘Treasure Islands’, curated by Rossana Calbi and now in ‘Amanei’ gallery in Salina, is a journey developed into handpainted dioramas and melodies by Alice Pelle. The work derives from the artist’s journey on the Eolie Islands and like in ‘Trans sib’ – the last Di Francia’s happening – the two artists illustrate how music can materialize landscapes, imagines, visions and turn into color and melodies, in their imaginary reconstruction of the travel experience.


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