‘HeArts – Exhibition by 31 women’ in the heart of Rome

31 women told by photographer Laura Penna in honor of Peggy Guggenheim. ‘HeArts – Exhibition by 31 women’ opened the 2017/2018 season of Sala Blu, a ‘cult’ gallery in the heart of Rome. Laura Penna, photographer and artist, has shown to the public 31 women with peculiar emotions and senses. The exhibition, by Rossana Calbi and with the participation of Linda De Zen, will close on September 30 with other stories and later projects. ‘HeArts – Exhibition by 31 women’ is a project that has become a new story with new models. The meeting develops a new perspective on the reality that generates new relationships. The female model plays a special role in the exhibition, from representation to creation. Beatrice Bogoni, Martina D’Anastasio, Gerland of France, Silvia Faieta, Zoe Lacchei and Francesca Pizzo took part in both roles, giving their works. The faces of ‘heArts’ are from Barbara Baraldi, Birthh, Beatrice Bogoni, Francesca Bono, Alice Caligiuri, Mimosa Campironi, Martina D’Anastasius, Ilaria D’Angelis, Gerlanda Di Francia, Vera Di Lecce, Sarah Dietrich, Claudia Ducalia, Silvia Faieta, Valentina Farinaccio, Chiara Gamberale, Jungle, Io and the Tiger, Zoe Lacchei, Sara Loreni, Marianne Mirage, Andrea Mirò, Erica Mou, Nada, Ilenia Pastorelli, Alessandra Perna, Francesca Pizzo, Elisa Pucci, Veronica Raimo, Margherita Vicario.


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