Bob Geldof and Keats at Keats-Shelley House in Rome

Legendary rock star and philanthropist Bob Geldof KBE will read some
of the most beautiful and profound writing about love ever to appear
in the English language, namely the love letters and poems by John
Keats. In 2018 Bob Geldof contributed a preface to the book Love is my
Religion: Keats on Love, selected and edited by Duncan Wu and
published by the Keats-Shelley House in Rome.
After the reading, a reception will follow in which the audience will
have the chance to meet and greet Bob Geldof, and have books signed by
Bob Geldof is a musician and does other stuff as well. He was born in
Ireland in 1951. He likes Yeats, Keats, Larkin, some Elliot and Auden,
a bit of Shelley, Blake, Dickinson and Whitman and a few others. He
recently wrote and presented an award-winning film on Yeats for the
BBC…and that’s about it.


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